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Rogaining Championchip 2022

Rogaining Championchip 2022

The World Rogaining Championships 2022 - WRC2022 will take place in the Rychlebské Mountains on 26-27.8.2022 and Luciferlights will be there!


During the event, we will be on site with our booth and you can rent M5 / M6 headlamps for the 24-hour race. Renting a headlamp costs just 100 CZK/5 EUR but it is necessary to book it in advance on the following form , which we will publish here about a month before the race.

Rogaining headlamp Lucifer M6


There is also the option to purchase Lucifer headlamp and pick up before 24h race start. They will be fully charged and ready for the race. The most popular headlamp for Rogaining is Lucifer M6 with max. light output of 1700lm. MID mode offers runtime of 10h with light output 400 lumens . Order on our e-shop , select a pick-up, and write WRC2022 in the comment.

If you live outside EU, value added tax will be deducted. Payment is possible with Czech crowns (CZK) during pickup or with card payment in advance.

We can also explain you user interface and how to change modes, but dont worry, its quite easy

Lucifer M6


Light output: 1700 lm ● Weight: 225g ● Beam distance: 182 m ● Runtime: up to 180 hours

Lucifer M6, versatile head torch for not just orienteering

The Lucifer M6 headlamp is our best-selling headlamp, and it is also used by many orienteers, even by those fast orienteers. Comes in decent weight and size that you can wear it all on your head and it is pleasant. The battery and headlamp form a counterweight on the head, so even though the total weight is 225gr, it is still worn well.

We also use it for long night runs, 24h Rogaining, bikepacking, multisport survival races - basically its a completely universal headlamp with a great weight / price / runtime / light output ratio.

Lucifer headlamps
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