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Do you really manufacture all your headlamps in the Czech Republic?

Yes, we do. We even make many of the individual components of our headlamps in-house to ensure quality-control, to assist more flexible production and to assist the rapid development of new products. Many other parts - prototype printed circuit boards, production PCBs (including automatic reflowing), all plastic parts, anodizing, the stainless steel screws, elastic straps, carry bags, neoprene cases and small plastic parts - are produced by various companies from all over Czechoslovakia. Our electronic components are made around the world, sourced directly from a professional industry wholesaler. Cree LEDs and our DC cable connectors are made in the USA, the Panasonic and Samsung batteries come from Japan or the USA and the TIR optics we use come from Ledil in Finland. At present we only obtain one item from China - the silicone buttons that we have not been able to make locally.


Where can I buy my new Lucifer headlamp

We sell 99% of our Lucifer headlamps direct to both Czech and International customers through our e-shop. You can also buy the Lucifer M model headlamp from Sporticus, a major sports store in Prague. 


Where can I try out a Lucifer headlamp?

You are welcome to try one of our headlamps in Prague. If you live in Czech Republic we can send you one on trial and without charge. For international trials please send us an email.


What warranty do you offer?

All our headlamps come with a 3 year warranty. Our warranty is international and worldwide and is offered without restriction. Because we want your Lucifer experience to be enjoyable with a long and trouble-free service life, we strive for 100% reliability, something we now seem to have achieved - in the latest models the failure rate has been virtually zero. If problems do occur we will provide you with fast and trouble-free warranty support and repairs, minimising inconvenience and getting your light working again without delay. We can also provide ongoing and efficient repairs and comprehensive support outside the warranty period – just contact us. Because we manufacture 95% of our headlamps in-house, all parts are available, minimising repair times and getting your light back to you asap.


Why aren’t all headlamps and options in stock all of the time?

We are a small company with limited staff, machinery, equipment and finances. So our capacity to have all headlamp models in all the colours we offer, with all the led, optics and button options is also limited. We try to keep delays between restocking as short as possible, but ‘downtimes’ do happen, especially during the ‘running’ season (autumn, winter and Christmas).


Why are Lucifer headlamps more expensive than…?

In short, because it is not possible to produce quality products without expense! We strive to make our headlamps as good as they can possibly be so they will serve you reliably for a long, long time. Unfortunately, this outcome is not compatible with a low price. Such a high quality product as the Lucifer cannot be made and sold for a lower price. Indeed prices must inevitably increase over time due to rising costs of material inputs and salaries. However we only raise prices when we introduce a new and improved model, because it is only fair that we also offer a better product (higher luminous power, better features, etc)!


How and why are Lucifer headlights better than cheap Chinese headlights?

In virtually in every part and every way! We use the best components and materials available. Cheap Chinese headlamps always use low-cost, low-capacity batteries, low-quality Chinese copies of brand-name LEDs and unreliable and inefficient electronics that often overheat. Chinese manufacturers usually do not use their own headlamps, so their user-interfaces are terrible, often requiring cycling through the strobe and off modes. Cheap Chinese lamps do not have our advanced circuit functionality, including constant current and brightness control and charge and discharge management. Unlike the Lucifer they will give no notice of status or low current, often turning off suddenly and without warning. Rather than the molded TIR optics that we use, those used in cheap Chinese lights are usually reflectors with poor beam shaping and an uneven spread with many artifacts. The colour of the LEDs used is usually quite high - 5700K or more - so the beams have an unnatural blue tint. Cooling and LED heat management is often very poor with limited contact area for heat transfer, so under no circumstances can they be properly cooled. The cheaper Chinese headlights are often too big, too clumsy and unnecessarily heavy. And of course the bottom-line question concerns reliability - Lucifer Lights strive for maximum reliability. It’s something we really care about and do our best to achieve. Cheap Chinese headlamps are generally unreliable and should not be considered for critical sporting or task situations.

Are all our parameters & specifications real?

Yes, all of the parameters and specs for Lucifer headlights are true and correct. We never exaggerate or misrepresent lumen outputs or run times. Our lumen specifications are accurately and reliably calculated, based on current measurement and the known characteristics and ‘performance bin’ of the LED, all telling us how many lumens it produces at the given current with heating and light losses also taken into account. Runtimes are primarily estimated based on consumption and the total energy held by the 18650 batteries. After these calculations are done we confirm the numbers with real measurements derived from logged use of our lights and batteries in our own integrating sphere.

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