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Warranty Service

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True international warranty

When you order anywhere all over the world, warranty period is the same (3 years) and warranty is treated the same way. Our Lucifer warranty is valid on all parts including li-ion batteries. Its fairly common that manufacturers put just short 1 year warranty to the battery as they think its consumable. We do not do that! We strictly use the best high-current li-ion cells from Samsung and their capacity doesnt lower even after 3 years of frequent use when treated properly.

Currently we have very low number of warranty repairs - approx. 0.5% on M5+, 0% on L headlamps.

However its good to mention we cannot apply warranty service to heavily damaged parts, flooding of a headlamp or battery or damage during use of not appropriate third-party equipement. Even in these situations we can repair the headlamp, usually with a small fee associated.

How do you apply warrant repair

We needs the goods to be returned to our address in Prague, Czech Republic (full address is in Contacts). Not in all situations, the goods must be returned, if e.g. your plastic hodler breaks, we normally just send you the new one without the need to return the broken one. 

If there is something wrong with the unit itself, you need to send the headlamp and batteries to repair. Nothing more is needed, do not send headstrap, charger (if not faulty), extension cord etc. If you send us email message with the description of problem, its plus and helps us to trace the issue. Also contact us if you dont know what to send back or if you want to confirm whether its normal behavior or not.

We can solve repairs quite fast but please understand abroad (oversea) shipping takes few days.

After warranty repairs

We offer unlimited post warranty service for all our headlamps ever made. We have all replacement parts, can upgrade your lamp or offer compatible newer part. Contact us.

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