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Welcome to Lucifer Headlamps - a Czech company specializing in powerful portable personal lighting. Our products are designed and manufactured completely in Prague, Czech Republic. We aim to produce the most powerful lights possible with excellent beam shaping, the longest runtimes and maximum reliability. We offer the highest possible build quality and guarantee you’ll never regret your purchase. Our headlamps have been proven across a range of activities and for every athlete - so don’t hesitate with your order!

Whether you choose the M6, our most popular headlamp – or the new S2X, which in 2020 was awarded the best running headlamp by a Czech mag, - or the strongest racing headlamp, our Lucifer X, - you can’t go wrong

Thank you for your trust – we will always stand by all of our customers, and our products!

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Hi, I tested the light. Even the on lowest mode it was comparable to maximum brightness of my previous light. Your headlamp is really good.... in complete darkness, despite the moonlight, I could go on a road bike as fast as I was able.
Email from 21.3.2019, Miroslav B.
I gradually bought Lucifer S, M and L headlamp. What I could say... It looks fantastics, nicely made. I bought 2-cell battery with it which is enough for my use and the total weight is just little more than Lucifer M5 light. I love it, price is high, but appropriate. When I save some money, I will buy one more light for my girlfriend. So, thank you for your great product, I love it all the time.
Product comment 16.3.2019, Petr J.
I bought the M5 with 13° + 29° and now used it the first time for a night orienteering race. It worked very good in the "high" mode, I felt no need to use the "boost" mode. This headlamp is great! It's very lightweight, you simply forget, that you have something on your head (even with the battery pack). I can recommend this headlamp!
Product comment 15.1.2018, Christoph
Now I have finally tested your light and I must say its really workhorse headlamp, this is not any Fenix, Zebralight, Mammut or Spartk (headlamps I own or had own). This headlamp can run full all the time without any overheating, nothing like 10 seconds on high and then hop to the lowest mode.
Product comment 17.10.2017, David L.
Hi, I recently got tested both lights I bought from you and I must say, both shine incredibly. The 4 diode ones puts out so much light that my friends could not recognize if their lights are on or off.
Email from 9.10.2017, Pavel T.

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