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YOU FIND US in the passage through the large building, 50 meters away from teletower.

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Powerful Czech orienteering headlamps

In 2014, after years of development, we started producing our first headlamps. They quickly made a name for themselves among the competitors and since then we have continued to improve and develop them. From the original naive business idea, we have created a small, prosperous Czech company with great effort and we 6 different headlamp models.

We produce a quality product without compromise so it would work reliably for years. Top performance on a revolutionary copper printed circuit board, the longest runtimes, low weight, a number of accessories and local Czech production with perfect customer service.

We focus primarily on racing headlamps for orienteering, mushing or cycling, where extreme light output stands out, but we also have lightweight running headlamps for ultra-running and night training. A large part of our customers are still from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but we already have a number of European customers. We also send lamps to the USA, Australia, Alaska or the Arctic Circle. Get a Czech product with world quality too!

Headlamp Lucifer founders


Map of our headlamps

Headlamp Lucifer founders

Headlamp Lucifer founders


We are focussed on creating very small, tough and light-weight headlamps designed and constructed to the highest possible standards, with the highest light outputs, longest possible runtimes, excellent ergonomics and ease of use, and with all the accessories and mounts you are likely to need.

Creating such a headlamp may not appear a complicated task, but there are many steps where mistakes can occur. Our designs start with appropriate LED selection and are complemented by efficient electronics, constant brightness regulation, practical choice and control of modes, discharge, temperature and battery protection or warning, selection of batteries, cable and connector integrity, effective waterproofing and ease of switch use and the headlamp tilting mechanism. All our designs offer a choice of optics which determine how smooth and focussed the beam will be, balancing close illumination with longer-distance ‘throw’. We pay close attention to all of these design elements to ensure your headlamp will meet your needs and differentiate it from all other lights available..

Why focus on producing such high-quality lights? There is already so much waste of resources on the Earth - we do not want to contribute to it by making ‘average’ products that will not last, meet your needs or work properly. Our headlamps are fully tested and reliable and will do their job for years. Even with the inevitable progress of technology they will still outperform most other lights and surprise those who have not experienced such powerful lights. We focus on making the best possible headlamps for their size and weight

Made completely in the Czech Republic

Our lamps are as Czech as they can be! We have developed our headlamps here in the Czech Republic and make them here as well. Nearly all the components are sourced locally, supporting local businesses and minimising transport and environmental costs. We CNC mill all the aluminium bodies and have them anodized locally. All of our plastic parts are injection molded nearby and the headlamp straps, printed circuit boards and transport sacks are also made in Czech. The over-molded connector inserts are from the USA and the optics come from Ledil in Finland

The majority of our customers are Czech but our market is international, with many headlamps sent to the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand and to mushers above the Polar Circle!



Founder of Lucifer headlamps

Petr Dvorak

Peter has been interested in graphics and web technologies from his childhood. After graduating from the University of Economics in Prague in Information System Management he worked for 8 years as a 3D artist creating visual effects for many Czech and international movies.

While studying he joined his university’s outdoor club, competing in running, mtb and regular orienteering, triathlons, rogaining, multi-sport 24h races and anything else, lasting from 5minutes to 24hours. He has won many races including the Czech Rogaining Championship.

Back in 2009, there were not many high-quality or bright headlamps on the market. Large companies were not interested in offering the latest LEDs or lighting technologies, so the first Lucifer headlamp was born. Over 4 years of development and with each prototype and iteration Petr successfully dealt with many design and construction challenges. In 2014 he started a crowd-funding campaign to help kick-start commercial production. Although the campaign was not successful he left his job and invested in a CNC milling machine to further his dream and bring the Lucifer Headlamp to market. From his first headlamp sale, ongoing and intense development has ensured that current models are competitive with or better than comparable lights.


SEPTEMBER 2014 – After nearly a month of preparations and shooting video our crowdfunding campaign started. It was not sucessful but we believed that it would work.

OCTOBER 2014 – First webpages are online and we accept preorders, many of them came from czech mushers and our friends, whom I thank for their confidence.

JANUARY 2015 – First headlamps Mk1 made with LEDs Cree XM-L2, 5000K a with openable battery case, which soon changed to non-openable sealed which is far better. Maximum light ouput was 1600 lumens and we offered also HICRI (CRI>90) LEDs.

MAY 2015 – Launched our eshop and Lucifer MkII with sealed batterycase a better firmware. All headlamps now have our branded headstrap.

MARCH 2016 – Third evolution of our lamp - Lucifer M3 with futher improvements.

DECEMBER 2016 – Fourth Lucifer M4 with the newest LED Cree XP-L2 in color temperature 4000K, we wait for them 2 months until they are ready. We are the first company in the world who use them!!!! Until Christmas Day we made a new record of sold and shipped headlamps. LEDs are on a new copper industrial printed circuit board with the best heat transfer. We also start to make our own cabels with overmolded DC connectors, which is labour intense process but brings higher reliability. Light ouput rose to 1650 lumens and runtimes are little longer.

OCTOBER 2017 – Fifth generation of Lucifer M headlamp with some other improvements including smaller and shallower body. We also start offering two other headlamps – smaller headlamp for runners Lucifer S and powerful 4 leds headlamp Lucifer L. We offer also XP-L2 LEDs with CRI 90.

AUGUST 2018 – Small improvement to M5 lamp now calls M5+.

SEPTEMBER 2018 – We have shown first prototype of our most powerful headlamp Lucifer X with 5000 lumens.

DECEMBER 2019 – New compact 800lm headlamp Lucifer Z. Available in three different battery sizes.

MARCH 2020 – New upgraded M6 headlamp with luminous flux of 1700 lumens.

SEPTEMBER 2020 – Two new headlamps S2RED and S2X. Headlamp S2X was awarded the first prize in czech running mag as the best running headlamp of 2020.

SPRING 2021 – We are working hard on the new headlamp model, smaller battery options and various accessories.

WINTER 2022 – Two new compact cordless 850lm headlamps Z2Micro and Z2Mini announced and available for sale. Integrated USB-C charging and most efficient W2 bin in Cree XP-L2 LEDs.

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