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Headlamp Lucifer X

Headlamp Lucifer X


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Headlamp Lucifer X Headlamp Lucifer X Headlamp Lucifer X Headlamp Lucifer X Headlamp Lucifer X

World´s brightest headlamp

Made for orienteering racing

Most powerful 5000 lumen orienteering head torch

Brightest headtorch Lucifer X

This is one of the brightest headlamp in the world with amazing light output of 5000 lumens ideal for race orienteering, mushing and downhill.

Lucifer X headlamp is top headlamp of our range - you wont likely found any similar so powerful, bright and small. Maximum of 5000 lumens is superior for mushing, orienteering and downhill. This light is made with 6 LEDs XP-L2 from Cree with 4500K color temperature which are cooled with massive cooling ribs.

Lightweight CNC milled body | DETAILS

Best cooling ever possible

This is one of the best and most powerful headlights in the world designed for the fastest racers and bike riders who want to turn night into a day.

The body of the headlamp is CNC machined from aerospace aluminium alloy and anodized. The headlamp body has many cooling fins and sheds heat well. It is as light and small as possible. It’s reduced depth makes it very stable on the head and it comes in 3 colours - black, red and blue.

Massive cooling ribs means Lucifer X can shine on the highest 5000lm mode virtually for unlimited time but have to be properly cooled. In 20°C ambient temperature normal pace running gives enough airflow to cool down body and not overheat.

Li-ion batteries with the highest capacity | DETAILS

Highest capacity/weight ratio

Lucifer X uses 6-cell batterypack or 3-cell batterypack made from high current Samsung INR18650-35E cells.

3-cell batterypacks is very light (150gr.) and can be worn on a headstrap which is real advantage.

6-cell batterypack is prefered option, but cannot be worn on a head. Its high capacity is good for orienteering racing, when you need to shine on maximum very long.

light training batterypack, can be comfortably worn on a headband larger batterypack for longer runtimes - too heavy to be worn on your head
2-cells battery-pack 4-cells flat battery-pack

Efficient electronics | DETAILS

Ultra efficiacy brings longest runtime

Electronics is completely made by us from carefully chosen discrete components and its effeciency reach up to 96% percent when converting battery voltage to LED voltage. High effeciency brings you longer runtimes.

Components are quality X7R ceramic capacitors, n-mosfets with very low resistance, large shielded coil, precise thermistors and resistors and large durable tactile switch rated 500,000 cycles.

We can easily upgrade firmware, add other features and attain so high performance.

Light has got CONSTANT LIGHT REGULATION, intensity of all modes is constant and does not lower when the battery is being discharged. When is battery no longer able to deliver needed energy, electronics switches to lower mode. Light never shuts off all of a sudden. Light is continuous, not fast blinking (PWM).

Electronics also monitors REMAINING BATTERY CHARGE and let you know if the battery is discharged down to 33%, down to 10% or completely empty with 1, 2 or 3 blinks.


6 LED emitters XP-L2


Maximally efficient and vivid true colors

We use high power LEDs XP-L2 from Cree with color temperature 4500K, which is very pleasant neutral white color that has great color spectrum (CRI index min 70). XP-L2 have 25% higher light output than previous diodes XM-L2. Thanks to the lower color temperature the light better penetrate fog and rain, you can better estimate distances, differentiate colors and identify things and obstacles.

Lucifer X gives out maximum of 5000 lumens ANSI (heating and optics losses subtracted). Efficiency is influenced by cooling, i.e. the better cooling of diodes the more effective the diodes work. LEDs and the whole electronics is on one copper printed circuit board with Direct Thermal Path (Sinkpad) that enables quick transfer of heat to the aluminum shell. This is the best cooling system that can be produced!


TIR collimators of Lucifer X lamp

Perfect light distribution | DETAILS

Combination of beamshapes

Lucifer X uses 6 individual PMMA TIR optics with highest optical properties and angle of light 13°, 20° or 29°. Optics are the same proved optics we use in all other headlamps. Light cone is very pleasent, very smooth from the brightest center to the sides without any distracting patterns and cirles. Whole aluminium frame with optics can be interchanged by a user.

Everyone can choose its own combination. Generally for sport we recommend optics 13°+13°+13°+13°+20°+29°. For close-up work or even better night perception choose wider combination of optics, e.g. 13°+13°+20°+20°+29°+29°.

For orienteering run choose combination (13°+13°+13°+13°+13°+13°), it's a really great option for running with a map. The map is never burned, it is always peripherally evenly lit over the entire area. It is practically impossible to overexpose your map, unless the lamp is completely lowered. The illuminated area starts 50 cm in front of your legs when standing upright and looking forward, the surrounding space is richly and broadly lit. This option is also recommended for fast bike descents

Brightest head torch


Modes and user interface | DETAILS

2 separate user interfaces

Modes switching Lucifer X headlamp

The M6 headlamp offers 7 modes - VERY LOW, LOW, MED, HIGH, BOOST, BLINKING MODE and SOS. The four most frequently used modes (LOW, MED, HIGH and VERY HIGH) are easily accessible.

There is no ‘last mode’ memory - it’s unnecessary when all modes are available with a maximum of two clicks. The light turns on the same way every time and turns off with one long press.

EASY USER INTERFACE is easily understood. Modes can be changed with short clicks, cycling through LOW-MID-HIGH-BOOST-LOW etc

ADVANCED USER INTERFACE allows fast switching between modes. Modes can be changed with short, long and very long presses. A short click lowers the mode and cycles between low and mid mode. Long press switches to a higher mode.

The remaining 3 modes are the same for both interfaces. You access VERY LOW mode with two consecutive button clicks, BLINKING mode with three and SOS mode with four clicks.

All mode switching in advanced user interface is based on short/long button presses. You can try this out at our website using your computer’s mouse. Our default advanced interface is here:, and our easy interface here:

hours : minutes
in constant regulation
hours : minutes
in constant regulation
which can be comfortably and safely performed
Cooling ability
ULTRA LOW 10 500:00 1000:00 camping, walking permanently
VERY LOW 90 85:00 170:00 hiking, running permanently
LOW 600 10:00 20:00 fast running, bicycle riding permanently
MID 1200 5:00 10:00 orienteering run, fast bicycle riding permanently
HIGH 2400 2:00 4:00 unlimited bicycle riding, mushing during motion (walking, running)
BOOST 5000 0:50 1:45 downhill during motion (running, bicycle riding)

Runtimes | DETAILS

Extreme and real runtimes

Runtimes specified in table are minimum runtimes. When batteries are not able to supply enough energy, headlamp switches to lower modes. When its finally switched to the lowest mode, headlamp no longer regulate brightness and light diminishes over a long time when shut off completely.

We specify runtime as a time until the brightness drops below 70% of initial brightness.

Attention! We specify runtimes much more strictly than ANSI NEMA FL-1 standard requires. ANSI standard runtime is the time until brightness drops to 10% of initial. This is nonsense and nothing useful for a user. Therefore we specify our runtimes differently, they are shorter than ANSI runtimes, but worthwhile!


Wall charger and charging

Headlamp 6-cell batterypack is supposed to be charged with attached wall charger 12.6V, 1.A. Wall charger comes with EU plug. Charging of fully depleted 6-cell batterypack takes 8 hours. Charger lights red during charge and green when completed.

What´s included?

  • battery pack - based on selection
  • headlamp
  • wall charger 12.6V/1A (EU plug, 100-240V/50-60Hz)
  • headband - proper type for selected battery
  • 100cm extension cord
  • transport hardcase
  • english user manual

Lucifer X headlamp package


Lucifer X is compatible with all standard and HQ extension cords, 6-cell and 3-cell batteries. Batteries with 2 cells or 4 cells can be used with limited runtime on the highest mode.

International Warranty 3 years

Guarantee and post-warranty service

All customers have 3 years guarantee on the headlamp but we offer also post-warranty service. We make our headlamps from 95% from our own components so we have all spare parts and can repair virtually everything.

We make a great effort to satisfy customers and to have a minimum warranty repairs. If the warranty service is needed we try to make it pleasant experience.



Number of constant light modes 5
Special modes SOS, Blinking mode, Battery test mode
Max. Lumens 5000 lumens
Electronics constant light regulation
Maximum runtime 170 hours
Protection against overdischarge yes
Protection against reverse polarity no
Protection against overheating yes
Physical properties
Weight including 6-cell batterypack 533 grams

User Guide (PDF|2.4Mb)

Lucifer X User Guide

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