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Headtorches for night orienteering

Which Lucifer headlamp for orienteering run?

In general, the Lucifer S2X, M6, L and X headtorches are applicable for orienteering. S2X is the lightest lamp, good for night orienteering trainings. If you run orienteering faster or do competitions buy larger M6 headlamp with 1700 lumens or L+ headlamp with light output of 3200 lumens.

First - a bigger (more powerful) headlamp doesn't always mean better! A larger headlamp also requires a larger and heavier battery - for many people the weight may be limiting factor. Of course, the batteries can also be worn on the extension cable externally in a jersey, but this is also not pleasant for everyone and it has its own negatives. It is therefore advisable to always consider the overall weight, wearing style and comfort. The following paragraphs provide guidelines and our recommendations.

How many lumens do I need for orienteering?

From our own experience, we consider the 400lm light to be the absolute minimum for a normal night orienteering. 800lm is undoubtedly more pleasant and you can run practically without restrictions. 1700lm will provide rich illumination, both in width and distance. If you run the championship in night o-runs, then you will definitely turn on 1700lm. Higher light outputs increase the illuminated space and throw into the distance, but they are already unnecessarily comfortable for normal orienteers. However if you run 10Mila or Jukola, you will use 3200lm and 5000lm outputs there.

Orienteering headtorch Lucifer M6

We make the best orienteering headlamps in the world

Our head torches were designed specifically for orienteering, because we like orienteering run and often run it ourselves. Choosing the best model of a headlamp for your needs depends on how much you do orienteering and whether you also ride a bike or run ultramarathons. It also depends on whether you only run night training, small competitions or you are in the national orienteering team and race much abroad.

Lucifer S2X


Light output: 1200 lm ● Weight: 165g ● Beam distance: 159 m ● Runtime: up to 100 hours

Lucifer S2X, the lightest orienteering head torch

Lucifer S2X weights just 165gr. and its the lightest headlamp which we can recommend for night training or a short night competition. 1200lm provides a great illuminance which help you find all checkpoints. If you are among the best in your country, then skip this model, because you will probably have greater demands.

We recommend Lucifer S2X to all customers who run orienteering for fun and dont always target podium places. S2X is also perfect for ordinary running, you appreciate low overall weight of the headtorch and the great balance on the head. We also recommend this headlamp to racers in ultra-running and 24-hour rogaining, but we consider it necessary to have one spare battery.

Lucifer M6


Light output: 1700 lm ● Weight: 225g ● Beam distance: 182 m ● Runtime: up to 180 hours

Lucifer M6, versatile head torch for not just orienteering

The Lucifer M6 headlamp is our best-selling headlamp, and it is also used by many orienteers, even by those fast orienteers. Comes in decent weight and size that you can wear it all on your head and it is pleasant. The battery and headlamp form a counterweight on the head, so even though the total weight is 225gr, it is still worn well.

We also use it for long night runs, 24h Rogaining, bikepacking, multisport survival races - basically its a completely universal headlamp with a great weight / price / runtime / light output ratio.

Lucifer L+


Light output: 3200 lm ● Weight: 375g ● Beam distance: 285 m ● Runtime: up to 170 hours

Lucifer L+, 3200lm headlamp for night orienteering competitions

This headlamp will be used by those who race in orienteering and have high ambitions. The maximum light of the 3200 is really amazing, it offers great wide illumination and if you can't find checkpoints with such light output, you cant blame the headlamp. It is used by many Czech orienteers and can be used at the national Championships and at all large international competitions. You can buy 2-cell batterypack and use it as a lightweight alternative in training.

This head torch comes standard with a 4-cell batterypack. A flat shape is suitable for orienteering. This battery can be worn on the head, but some racers may already find the weight too high and annoying. The solution is to either purchase a 35Wh battery or carry a 4-cell externally.

Lucifer X


Light output: 5000 lm ● Weight: 533g ● Beam distance: 390 m ● Runtime: až 1000 hod

Lucifer X, 5000lm, the most powerful orienteering headtorch

This is one of the world´s brightest headlamps made for orienteering. With amazing light output that is more than enough for all your activities.

Also can be sold with light 3-cell battery for those, who simply want to have the best headlamp! 3-cell battery can be easily worn on the headset.

Lucifer headlamps
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