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Bicycle frame and helmet mount

Various headlamp mounts

All our Lucifer lights are versatile and offer multiple ways, how the headlamp and its battery could be monuted to a bicycle frame or any possbile helmet. Even though every helmet is little different, you can always find reliable and good mount.

Transition between headlamp to bicycle light is matter of seconds, without need of any tools! Headlamp is pressed into the holder, 2-cell battery has got slide mount with fixation (the same as on the headstrap).

Bicycle helmet mount
Bicycle frame mount
Short 10cm extension
Neoprene pouch


Bicycle helmet mounts

This set of holders include a headlamp holder and a holder for battery. Only 2-cell 8.4 batterypacks and single-cell openable 18650 battery tubes (Lucifer S headlamp batteries) can be mounted on the bicycle helmet. Other sizes and types of batteries must be extended with a cable and worn externally, for example, in a backpack or jersey.

Bicycle helmet headlamp mount 1

Bicycle helmet headlamp mount 2

Bicycle helmet headlamp mount 3

Bicycle helmet headlamp mount 4

Bicycle helmet headlamp mount 5

Bicycle helmet headlamp mount 6

Bicycle helmet headlamp mount 7

Bicycle helmet headlamp mount 8

The headlamp holder is attached to the helmet by pulling the velcro strap through the ventilation holes of your bicycle helmet. It is advisable to mount it in the front (if the battery is on the helmet) or in the middle of the helmet (if the battery is outside the helmet). The ideal spacing of the mounting holes is approximately 6-8 cm. If the helmet has a greater distance between the vents, this is not a problem at all. If there are no good options, the holder can even be tied to the helmet shade, it holds suprisingly well thanks to its low weight.

Securing the 2-cell battery is possible either by inserting it into a plastic holder (it is pulled with a tape through the ventilation holes) or only by pulling the velcro tape through the ventilation holes of your helmet. Even the last, simple way holds very well. The Lucifer S headlamp battery tube is fastened only by tightening with a velcro strap, thanks to its shape it usually fits very well in the recesses of the helmet.

Bicycle frame and hadlebars mounts

To attach to the handlebars (and frame) of the bike, use our Bicycle frame mounts, they include both the headlamp mount to the handlebars and mounts for the batterypack to the bike frame.

We currently have one type of handlebar holder for sale, which is plastic, but strong and attracts to the handlebars with a strong O-ring. There are two sizes of o-rings. The holder has contact surfaces lined with rubber, it will not scratch the handlebars in any way. The size is dimensioned for oversize handlebars (diameter 31.8mm) and the classic width of the handlebars (25.4mm). We usually place the holder as close as possible to the stem, where the handlebar tube is straight. If you place the holder further from the stem, in a bevelled place, you will need to glue a piece of rubber underside the holder (included in the package) so that the headlamp shines directly straight.

We are preparing and in the near future we will put on sale an aluminum handlebar holder with two allen screws and offset possibility.

The battery mount is a sewn neoprene pouch into which the 2-cell batterypack fits exactly. It is also possible to use it with the battery tube of the Lucifer S headlamp, there is simply a little space left in the pocket and it is possible to have there a spare battery. The whole pouch is fastened with a wide velcro strap to the frame, usually as close as possible to the head assembly. The pouch can sometimes be placed above / below the stem. Typically, if you place the battery very close to the handlebars, you will not need any extension cord. If the bike has a longer stem or the frame does not allow close mounting, use an 10cm extension to allow for all turning.

We also have a mount (sewn textile pouch) for a 4-cell square batterypack. You will automatically receive this variant in the package if you also buy a headlamp with this batterypack. Alternatively, write a comment order if it is not clear which batterypack you want to attach to the bike.

Attaching the headlamp to a smooth helmet

The headlamp can also be easily attached to smooth helmets such as climbing, skiing or speleo. For these cases, we supply special 3M Velcro tapes, on one side it has plastic hooks and on the other side an adhesive surface. One of this velcro is glued to our holders, the other is glued to the helmet. This allows the holder to be removed from the helmet, leaving only a small black rectangle on the helmet. The 2-cell battery is mounted in the same way. Depending on the specific mounting locations, you may also need a 10cm extension cord.

Place the light on the handlebars or on the cyclohelmet

In general, the fast and simple is the mount on bicycle helmet. For short rides, you can also attach the battery to the cycling helmet, but for longer rides - multi-hour or full-night rides and competitions, we recommend extending the battery with an extension to relieve the cervical spine, it is more comfortable. The disadvantage is that such a fastening inherently eliminates drop shadows, the user recognizes terrain obstacles much later.

Mounting only on the handlebars can be recommended to those who commute to work every day. This fastening has a great advantage in the terrain, as it casts shadows that the user can see well and can thus read terrain obstacles beautifully. The disadvantage is that the light is fixed to the handlebars - so it points only in this direction. This can be problematic in sharp terrain turns.

The ideal variant for demanding night mtb riding in the terrain is to have two lights, one on the handlebars and one on the helmet. This provides maximum comfort and safety. This setup is also suitable for bike-packing races, where there is great fatigue, unfamiliar terrain and riding safely is important.

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