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Brightest headlamps with longest battery life

Which Lucifer head torch has the longest runtime?

Lucifer X headlamp can shine 1000 hours with intensity 10 lumens. That´s nearly 42 days! Long runtime offers also Lucifer M6 headlamp with intensity of 25 lumens

What affects the runtimes?

The light time is mainly affected by the quality of the headlamp and the method of intensity regulation. Headtorches without regulation usually shine for longer time, but their light decreases very quickly from the beginning as the batteries discharge. The stated runtimes for these simple headlamps are often exaggerated and really useless after a few hours of lighting.

More expensive, regulated headlamps, such as all of our Lucifer headlamps, regulate the light constantly throughout the discharge of the battery. They also usually use higher quality (more efficient) LED chips, and the headlamp contains a voltage converter that transforms excess voltage instead of burning it. These advanced headlamps also usually use better batteries, typically higher capacity li-ion cells.

How do we specify runtimes?

We specify runtimes much more strictly than ANSI NEMA FL-1 standard requires. ANSI standard runtime is the time until brightness drops to 10% of initial. This is nonsense and nothing useful for a user. Therefore we specify our runtimes differently, they are shorter than ANSI runtimes, but worthwhile!

We specify runtime as a time until the brightness drops below 70% of initial brightness.

Lucifer M6


Light output: 1700 lm ● Weight: 225g ● Beam distance: 182 m ● Runtime: up to 180 hours

Lucifer M6, headlamp with longest runtime

The Lucifer M6 headlamp is our best-selling headlamp and has an extra runtime of up to 180 hours. Many customers charge this headlamp once a month because they cannot discharge it more. Despite long runtimes, the whole headlamp is light and easy to use for a wide range of sports and activities.

The headlamp also has a function, thanks to which it will never shut off immediately due to discharge. Quite opposite! The headlamp provides the user with many discharging signals, and even if the user ignores all these warnings and still shines with high light, the headlamp gradually switches to lower and lower modes than the lowest one, in which the headlamp can still shine for many hours.

Lucifer X


Light output: 5000 lm ● Weight: 533g ● Beam distance: 390 m ● Runtime: up to 1000 hours

Lucifer X, 5000lm, the most powerful orienteering headtorch

This headlamp is on the second side of weight spectrum, but its not extremely heavy either. Offers 6 modes, the lowest one with 10 lumens and runtime 1000 hours.

The impressive runtime of 170 hours is also offered by VERY LOW mode with a light intensity of 90 lumens. Runtime is so high thanks to six LEDs that work with very high efficiency, up to 200lm / W.

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