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Worlds brightest headlamp

What is the worlds brightest headlamp?

Headtorch Lucifer ULTRA is currently the brightest in the world. Has got light output 7500lm and total weight 678gr.

No other headlamp can reach so high light output, neither is able to cool down properly and do not provide so long runtimes and efficiacy. Lucifer ULTRA uses 9 powerful LEDs to shine so bright with unpreccedented efficiacy 135lm/W.

World brightest headlamp Lucifer ULTRA

Lucifer ULTRA


Light output: 7500 lm ● Weight: 678g ● Beam Distance: 550m ● Runtimes: up to 1000 hours

Lucifer ULTRA, 7500 lumens

Mode Lumens Runtime
h : min
ULTRA LOW 10 1000:00
VERY LOW 90 120:00
LOW 870 18:00
MID 1675 9:00
HIGH 3550 3:30
BOOST 7500 1:30

The most powerful headlamp in the world, Lucifer ULTRA The most powerful headlamp in the world, Lucifer ULTRA, 7500 lumens

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