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What headlamp to choose

Are you choosing a suitable gift, a headlamp for yourself or your loved one and you are hesitant which model is best for you? Here is a summary of our advice and recommendations. Undoubtedly, each person has individual needs, but we do sports ourselves daily, so take our recommendations below as a basic guide to your choice.

The key thing is if you are looking for a light headlamp and therefore prefer lowest possible weight (Lucifer S, Z1) or need great lumen output and extreme runtimes (Lucifer L and X), or choose a compromise (Lucifer M).

Our best-selling headlamp so far is the Lucifer M, which is the most versatile, has high light output, long runtimes and a reasonable weight.


For racing , all 24h races or overnight races , we especially recommend the Lucifer M headlamp. It was designed also for orienteering , rogaining or mountain bike orienteering. If you mainly or run exclusively (long-distance runs, ultra-runs, 24h competitions etc.) then you can also choose the lighter headlamp Lucifer S (probably with one additional battery).

If you do only recreational sports , then the M headlamp can be unnecessarily heavy and powerful for you, but it doesn't have to. The high performance and long runtime of the M headlamp is often suitable for common use, such as hunting, construction, fishing or as a work headlamp on remote solitudes and farms. A lighter and cheaper option for occasional running is Lucifer S and Lucifer Z1. The latter head torch is our lightest headlamp weighing 100gr incl. battery, a replacement for all common AA or AAA headlights which provides an order of magnitude higher light output compared to them. This is also the right headlamp for hiking, traveling, cross-country skiing, running and cycling. It is very packable, so you can wear it daily as an EDC.


We most recommend the M headlamp for the bike, especially if it will be your only light. The high light of this headlamp is simply great and allows safe and comfortable riding anywhere. The Lucifer M also has the advantage of two different optics (a combination of two different angles of light), so it illuminates both the immediate surroundings and has a large afterglow, but for some the headlamp together with the battery mounted on the helmet may be too heavy. Of course, you can always extend the battery with a cable and put it in a jersey / backpack, but someone doesn't like it either. If you are already driving one light on the handlebars, then you can ride a lighter Lucifer S on your helmet or possibly a Lucifer Z1 headlamp, which is completely cable-free.

All our head torches can be easily attached to both the bicycle helmet and the bike frame. We recommend mounting to a bicycle helmet if you have this light as the only light. The advantages are obvious - where you go, you shine. We can recommend mounting on the handlebars to those who commute to work on a familiar route.

For off-road riding, it is very advantageous to have two lights, one on the handlebars and one on the helmet. Headlamp on the handlebars illuminates exactly all the bumps and casts the shadows which you see with your eyes. A headlamp on a bicycle helmet is a great addition, because sometimes you need to look elsewhere than where the handlebars are pointing (eg. to see a sharp turn, illuminate a dog nearby, look back, etc.). Such lighting greatly increases safety in autumn and winter, when the roots and severed trunks are covered with leaves and merge with the surroundings. With a single light, you have to drive slower or know that there are no similar obstacles. With two headlamps, you have a perfect overview even in difficult terrain.


Our headlights were made directly for orienteering , we like to run it ourselves. Great for orienteering run is especially the M6 headlamp with 1700 lumens and runtime 1:45. This is enough time even for very long winter training. You can even go for a higher model, the Lucifer L, with 3200 lumens, which is a purely racing orienteering headlamp that you won't get lost in even the biggest Nordic races. But be prepared you need to a larger battery, which can be worn on the head, but it may not be pleasant for everyone. For normal training, however, you can use this headlamp with a small 2-cell batterypack.


Since the beginning of our company, headlamps have become very popular among Czech mushers, especially the M model and, more recently, the L model (for racers).

Headlamps (model M, S or Z1) are also used by fisherman.

Suitable headlamp for astronomers is Lucifer S2RED with red light. It has also a setting to always turn on in red mode. The red mode is also suitable for hiking, alpine hiking or for sailing.


Many of our customers use M-series headlamps for work, for example in car repair shops. We have also registered several uses of our most powerful L and X series headlamps in construction, where structural engineers check the condition of buildings or aiming lights illuminate the entire tunnel to see small labels.

Our head torches can also be used in remote places, solitudes and farms. You will appreciate the wide cone of the headlight that illuminates clearly large space, and always have good overview. Another advantage are the great runtimes of our headlamps, you don't have to charge them so often.

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