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Reliable cabeling and connectors

Quality cabling for maximum reliability

We use quality grey PUR cables for all our powerful headlamps, all use the same DC 5.5 / 2.1 connectors. We assemble and injection mold these cables with connectors directly in our company, so that we have production under control and are flexible in production. We consider current cables to be indestructible, they should last you much longer than the warranty period of the headlamp. We do not want poor quality cabling to make a headlamp unusable after a few years of operation, as is often the case with other brands. Violation of cables due to wear is the most common defect on a headlamp with cables! Our headlamps are not consumer goods and know that cables are reliable. At the same time, the cable is flexible down to -30C.

Last but not least, the DC connector itself is important. It is a special connector designed for high currents up to 8 amps, it keeps the contact perfectly, even for a long time.

The cable’s specification confirm its exceptional toughness:

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