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Lux, Lumens and beam distance


Lumens are units of luminous flux and represent the amount of light that a given headlamp produces. Lumens are suitable units of measure when comparing different lamps - the light with more lumens is stronger, it shines more. Lumens indicate the total amount of light, but do not say how narrow or wide the beam is. The lights that shine narrow may appear stronger than those with wide beam, although they may have fewer lumens (lower total luminous flux).

The light lumens can be roughly calculated from the data sheet of the LED chips, the current passing through, the losses caused by heating and the losses on the optics. Lumens can be accurately measured in an integrating sphere, which is expensive laboratory equipment. We use our own uncalibrated integration sphere to verify light parameters, we use the measured reference sample as a standard.

Number of lumens in our headlamps:

Headlamp model Max. lumens
Lucifer Z1 800lm
Lucifer S2RED 800lm
Lucifer S2X 1200lm
Lucifer M6 1700lm
Lucifer L 3200lm
Lucifer X 5000lm
Lucifer ULTRA 7500lm

How many lumens do you need?


Lux is a unit of light intensity and determines the illumination at one particular measuring point - how much light hits that specific place. Luxes can be easily measured with a luxmeter, which is commonly used to measure a sufficient level of illumination of workspaces, desks in offices, etc.

Spot lights will have higher lux values than diffused lights. It does not automatically mean that the light with higher lux shines more!

1 lux is defined as the illumination of an area of 1m2, which is illuminated by 1 lumen.

Lux value decreases quadratically with increasing distance. Thus, for example, if the light has an intensity of 10,000 lux in 1 m, it will have an intensity of 2,500 lux in two meters, only 400 lux in 5 meters (= 10000 / (5 * 5)) and only 100 lux in 10 meters (= 10000 / (10 * 10)). At 100 meters then only 1 lux.

Some common lux values:

1 lux - moonlight

10 luxů - candle in the distance 30cm

400 luxů - work office

50000 luxů - sunny day

Light intensity of our headlamps in 1m the distance:

Headlamp model Intensity in 1m distance
Lucifer Z1, 20° 3850 lux
Lucifer S2X, 13°+20° 6200 lux
Lucifer M6, 13°+29° 8200 lux
Lucifer L, 13°+13°+13°+29° 19900 lux
Lucifer X, 6x13° 38000 lux
Lucifer ULTRA, 9x13° 55000 Lux * estimate


Beam distance is defined as the distance at which the illumination intensity of the lamp decreases to 0.25 lux. This is approximately the intensity of the light produced by the full moon under clear skies. According to the ANSI / NEMA FL 1-2009 standard, the value is read between 30 - 120 seconds after the lamp is switched on.

Technically, its maximum illuminated distance. The real (usable) distance is lower.

Beam distances of our head torches:

Headlamp model Beam distance
Lucifer Z1, 20° 125m
Lucifer S2X, 13°+20° 159m
Lucifer M6, 13°+29° 182m
Lucifer L, 13°+13°+13°+29° 285m
Lucifer X, 6x13° 390m
Lucifer ULTRA, 9x13° 550m * estimate
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