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Mode switching


Yes, all Lucifer headlamps have the same user interface. This perfect switching scheme was developed to suit most people. With just one button you can easily and precisely change modes. One button is enough and its confirmed by all our customers. We know many other lamps with more buttons or with a dialer, but they are all more difficult to understand and use.

We use one big button so its easily operated even in demanding conditions, like with thick gloves. They have got good feel and feedback with lifetime of 500.000 clicks at least. Thanks to its great size, its totally reliable, it doesnt miss any click even in long-term usage.


All our head torches offer 5 white constant light modes and some special ones (blinking mode, red light, red blinking). The five most frequently used modes (LOW, MED, HIGH and VERY HIGH) are easily accessible. You access all special modes with multiple consecutive button clicks so if you do not need them, you wont likely turn them accidentaly. The light turns on the same way every time and turns off with one long press. There is no ‘last mode’ memory - it’s unnecessary when all modes are available with a maximum of two clicks. All mode switching is based on short/long button presses. There are 2 separate user interfaces – ‘easy’ and ‘advanced’, ‘easy’ is easily understood and clicks cycle through LOW-MID-HIGH-BOOST-LOW etc. ‘advanced’ scheme allows fast switching between modes with short and long presses.

Five constant light modes are perfect, there is allways proper mode for your activity and its also easy to remember runtimes and switch between them. The lowest mode VERYLOW with 15-25 is meant for camping and walking and is available anytime with doubleclick. Higher modes (LOW,MID,HIGH a BOOST) are switched with short and long presses based on switching scheme. Intensities were chosen so there are visible difference between modes. These modes give approx. 2h, 4h, 10h and 20h runtimes. 10h and 20h modes are also for competitions, they give enough runtime for one or two full nights.

Why we offer two possible user interfaces (switching schemes)? Its because every customer can choose the one, he likes better. First ‘advanced’ scheme enable fast switching and is advantageous, but you must be able to differ short and long button press. Its superb for cyclists which need to change mode quite often, like when they ride on the road. We recommend to everybody to try this one. Second ‘easy’ scheme is for customers who do not want to learn short and long presses or preffer for some other reason the simplicity of cycling modes from LOW to BOOST.


Simplicity really works. Our headlamps do not offer any computer connection through which customers could set intensities and modes. We do not currently have any bluetooth application. These features are just for few customers, who likes to play with it, but finally set it somehow and keep it that way. We have set intensities and modes for you so it makes sense. We have great experience with night sporting or night competitons, trust our decisions. We are sure, everybody finds proper mode or runtime needed for his activity.


‘Advanced‘ user scheme is factory set. Users can switch unfinitely between these two schemes with a long 10s button press when the headlamp is turned off. Press button 10s or longer. After release the headlamp do not indicate anything but switching is different. If there is no change, you probably hold button not long enough.

Special mode - State of charge test

Press button for 1 second when the headlamp is turned off. Headlamp turn on in the lowest intensity and blinks 1-5x times. Every blink equals to 20% remaining energy. So for example, 3 blinks means the headlamp battery is charged to 60%. 5 blinks means that connected battery is fully charged.

State of charge signalization - 3 flashes = battery is charged approx. 60%

Special modes - blinking mode, SOS, red light, red blinking mode

All other special modes are available with multiple clicks. Its the same also in S2RED headlamp, where is separate red light and red blinking mode. We order all these special modes based on frequency of their use, so the most used special mode is available with three consecutive button presses and the least one is available with 5 consecutive button presses.

Multiple clicks can be even performed when the head torch is turned off. Multiple click doesnt have to very fast, headlamp recognizes slow consecutive clicks similar to computer mouse doubleclick.


This is our interactive webpage, where you click with your computer mouse and see how the head torch reacts and what mode is on. One page is for "easy" scheme and one for "advanced". Unfortunately, pages work fully just on a computer, smartphones could not perform long button press. - "advanced" scheme - "easy" scheme

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