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Headlamp Lucifer S2RED

Headlamp Lucifer S2RED
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Headlamp Lucifer S2RED Headlamp Lucifer S2RED Headlamp Lucifer S2RED

A headlamp for runners, ultra-marathoners and all those seeking a bright light and wanting to minimize weight. The Lucifer S2RED has an output of 800 lumens and uses interchangeable 18650 batteries.

Czech quality headlamp Lucifer S2RED, 800 lumens

Light aluminium body | DETAILS

High cooling ability

The headlamp body and battery pack are CNC milled from aerospace aluminium and anodized. The body is small and light with multiple cooling fins. The battery tube is also as light as possible but still strong and waterproof.



Battery container of S2RED head lamp

Interchangeable li-ion cells | DETAILS

User-accessible battery tube for 1 li-ion 18650

Our Lucifer S headlamp uses protected li-ion 18650 cells which are readily available and currently provide the highest capacity of all li-ion batteries. Spare cells can easily be carried for over-night use, minimizing weight on the head while still providing very long runtimes.

The battery tube opens with a screw cap and changing cells is easy. Threading offers long life.

Battery tube is designed for protected 18650 batteries. Unprotected 18650 cells will work at your own risk and we dont recommend using them.

Red mode in S2RED headlamp

White and red light |

Setting to turn on always in the red mode

Headlamp Lucifer S2RED is our first lamp, which offers neutral white and red light. Red light is good for travellers, astronomers, ship captains or hunters.

The red light is intended for preserving your night vision while still providing some light so you can see. Additionally red light modes on a headlamp aren't as blinding to your friends, so it is ideal when using a headlamp with a group of people. Also wildlife that may be roaming or sleeping will be less disturbed by red light than white.

S2RED offers red light with intensity of 7 lumens and red blinking mode. These two modes are available with multi-click.

There is setting so the headlamp will always first turn on in the red mode, no matter how you press the button. Even state of charge mode will signalize with red light.

Tough cabeling S2RED headlamp

New high-current connectors and tough cables | DETAILS

Absolute reliability

The S2RED incorporates new connectors and cables connecting it to the battery pack. The DC5.5/2.1 connectors are injection molded in our workshop giving us full control over quality. They are fully compatible with all of our previous battery packs and headlamps.

Our grey PUR cables are special, they are tough, flexible to minus 30°C and very resistant to wear and weather. We have carefully designed the wiring to fit all head sizes from large men to small women. The connectors are specified for currents up to 7A and ensure firm and reliable contact over the long-term. Although they click together tightly (making accidental disconnection nearly impossible) they are easy to, even in difficult conditions when wearing gloves or in extreme cold.


Efficient electronics | DETAILS

High efficiacy brings longest runtime

The S2RED’s electronics are made entirely in-house from carefully chosen discrete components, all driven by an 8-bit Atmel microcontroller. The high quality components include X7R ceramic capacitors, very low resistance mosfets, a large shielded coil and precision thermistors and resistors - all ‘high reliability’ components, including the durable tactile switch, sealed and rated to 500,000 cycles.

Making the circuit in-house means we are no longer tied to any specific controller hardware and we can easily upgrade firmware and add other features to optimize performance. As a result our electronics drive the LEDs at up to 96% efficiency giving longer runtimes.

The S2RED headlamp uses CONSTANT CURRENT REGULATION so intensity in all modes is maintained as the battery discharges. When the battery is no longer able to deliver the current required by a chosen mode, the circuit simply switches to a lower one. The light never shuts down suddenly and shines without flicker (no PWM).

Our electronics monitor REMAINING BATTERY CHARGE and give 3 levels of warning, alerting the user to levels of battery discharge down to 33%, 10% or completely empty with 1, 2 or 3 blinks of the beam.


LEDs of S2RED headlamp


Maximally efficient and vivid true colors

We use high power CREE XP-L2 LEDs with a 4500K color temperature providing a pleasant neutral white color with excellent color spectrum (CRI index min. 70). Thanks to the lower color temperature the light is able to better penetrate fog and rain, improving judgment of distances, differentiation of colors and identification of obstacles and detail in the environment.

Maximum output of the Lucifer S2RED is 800 lumens ANSI. LED efficiency is influenced by cooling - better cooling of the LEDs means more effective light output. The S2RED’s LEDs and electronics are on a single, copper printed circuit board with a revolutionary Direct Thermal Path that enables quick transfer of heat to the aluminum shell - the most effective LED cooling system available!


Perfect light distribution | DETAILS

Natural and smooth illumination

TIR collimators of S2RED head torch

Both white and red LEDs has its own PMMA TIR lens which defines the width or focus of its beam. These lenses ensure the best optical properties for each of the three beam angles available - narrow 13°, medium 20° and wide 29°.

Generally 20° is for all sports. For close up work choose 29°. For fast sports you can also choose 13°, even this narrowest optics has got some side illumination.

For red LED we reccomend 20° optics.


Modes and user interface | DETAILS

2 separate user interfaces

Switching scheme modes head torch

The S2RED headlamp offers 7 modes - VERY LOW, LOW, MED, HIGH, BOOST, BLINKING MODE and SOS. The four most frequently used modes (LOW, MED, HIGH and VERY HIGH) are easily accessible.

There is no ‘last mode’ memory - it’s unnecessary when all modes are available with a maximum of two clicks. The light turns on the same way every time and turns off with one long press.

EASY USER INTERFACE is easily understood. Modes can be changed with short clicks, cycling through LOW-MID-HIGH-BOOST-LOW etc

ADVANCED USER INTERFACE allows fast switching between modes. Modes can be changed with short, long and very long presses. A short click lowers the mode and cycles between low and mid mode. Long press switches to a higher mode.

The remaining 3 modes are the same for both interfaces. You access VERY LOW mode with two consecutive button clicks, BLINKING mode with three and SOS mode with four clicks.

All mode switching in advanced user interface is based on short/long button presses. You can try this out at our website using your computer’s mouse. Our default advanced interface is here:, and our easy interface here:

Runtimes | DETAILS

Extreme and real runtimes

hours : minutes
VERY LOW 20 100:00 walking, camping permanently
LOW 100 20:00 walking, running permanently
MID 200 10:00 running permanently
HIGH 400 4:00 unlimited running, orienteering run, mountain biking during walk/run
BOOST 800 1:40 unlimited mountain bikinge during run

The runtimes specified for 1 cell 3450mAh are minimums until the intensity drops below 70% of original value. When the battery cannot supply enough energy for a specific mode the headlamp switches to the next lower one. When it reaches the lowest mode it will no longer regulate brightness and light output gradually diminishes, giving plenty of warning before shutting off.

Note that we specify runtimes more strictly than the ANSI NEMA FL-1 standard requires. ANSI accepts a drop in intensity down to 10% of the original which makes no sense - our runtimes reflect the practical illumination needs of real users!



Wall charger and charging

Packaging of S2RED head torch

Battery is supposed to be charged with wall charger or with bay charger. Wall charger is very simple in operation, you just connect it with the battery tube. Bay charger Lii-100 offers many possibilities and features but requires battery to be unloaded from the battery tube.

Wall charger 4.2V/0.5A is currently offered with just an EU plug. This charges the cells with a low current to prolong their life. Charging of a fully depleted battery takes 7.5 hours. A red indicator lights up during the charging and changes to green when complete.

Second option is USB bay charger Lii-100, small charger capable of charging li-ions or any other chemistries (NiMh,NiCd). It is powered from any USB port. User can select between two charging speeds (curents) 0.5A and 1A. It can also power any USB device from included battery.

Standard S2RED package

  • user manual in English.
  • headlamp
  • battery tube
  • battery 18650 (if selected)
  • USB bay charger Lii-100 (if selected)
  • headband
  • mains charger 4.2V/0.5A (if selected)
  • fabric carry bag

Lucifer S2X headlamp package


Lucifer S2RED headlamp is fully compatible with all accessories of S product line. We plan full compatibility even for all future products.


Li-ion 18650 Keeppower 3450mAh, protected
Li-Ion Wall charger 4.2V, 0.5A
USB Bay charger Lii-100


Bicycle helmet mounts
Bicycle handlebar holders

3 years international warranty - S2RED headlamp

Guarantee and post-warranty service

Our warranty period is 3 years but we can provide ongoing repairs after this period. Because we manufacture 95% of our headlamps ourselves all parts are available and we can offer comprehensive support.

We make a great effort to satisfy our customers and to ensure minimal warranty repairs. We want your experience with our headlamps to be as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. If problems do occur we will provide you with prompt attention and trouble-free support to ensure the best possible outcome.


Number of constant light modes 6
Special modes Blinking mode, Battery test mode, Red blinking mode
Max. Lumens 800 lumens
Electronics constant light regulation, 95-98% efficient
Maximum runtime 100 hours
Protection against overdischarge yes
Protection against reverse polarity yes
Protection against overheating yes
Physical properties
Weight 164 gr. / 7 oz
Type Li-Ion
Number of cells 1 li-ion cell 18650 protected
Voltage 4.2V

User Guide (PDF|1.6Mb)

Headlamp Lucifer S2RED User Guide

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