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Optics and reflectors

Beamshape comparison


Optics and reflectors

In our headlamps Lucifer we use strictly just modern TIR optics. We dont use reflectors. TIR (Total Internal Reflection) are smaller, more efficient and have better sheam of light. Transparent "lens" is not made from glass, which you could think, but its either PMMA or PC (Polycarbonate). Both these are tough plastics which will last forever. Optics has got higher transmittance value - more light is targeted to the beam and optic losses are lower. Beamshape is very smooth, eye pleasent, without any artifacts or sharp transitions.

We use 3 different optics of the same size, each one with different angle of light, FWHM value. You can combine these 3 optics like you want to. These three optics have got angle of 13°, 20° or 29°. We reccomend some typical use for each combinations to help you with your choose.

Combination of 2, 4 or 6 optics with different angles is very advantageous, headtorch has got large throw to distance and good side illumination at the same time. Even the narrowest 13° optics give little side illumination and its never thrower type of light - like narrow search lights are. We sell rarely 13°+13°. Most of our customers buy reccomended combinations of 13°+20° and 13°+29°, which are perfect for virtually all sporting or non-sporting activities.

FWHM - angle of light

LEDs produce light in wide angle of 125° and therefore some secondary optics is needed to narrow the beam so its usable. Angle of optics is specified with the value FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum) and we can say its basically full angle of light where most of light will go. Officially its full angle of view where the brightness is half the maximum brightness (brightness in the very middle point).

We generally recommend optics 13°+20° which are primary choice for runners, MTB bikers, orienteers and any other racers. Wider combinations (13°+29°, 20°+29°) are good for close up work. Some orienteering runners, recreational runners or older orienteers use 13°+29° combination to illuminate the map without need to target the lamp on it.

Replacement frames

It doesnt happen much or not at all, that we replace damaged optics. Individual optics cannot be changed, they are always glued together in the aluminium frame and can be replaced just as whole part. You can buy it on our eshop. Use our recommendations as guidelines or write us email, we will help you with the best choice. Differences between some combinations are small, like between 13°+20° and 13°+29°. Larger difference is between 13°+20° and 20°+20°.


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