Headlamp Lucifer L+

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User Guide (PDF|3.2Mb)

Lucifer L+ User Guide

Headlamp Lucifer L+

This is orienteering headlamp - light, small, but incredibly powerful. Headlamp with superior light output of 3500 lumens, especially for orienteering, mushing and downhill.

3200lm Orienteering racing headlamp

Headlamp made for orienteering racing and maximum light output

Lucifer L+ is a headlamp with a light output of 3500 lumens, pleasant color of light, perfect light cone with a large throw to distance, reasonable size and weight. And its made by orienteers!

Best headlamp for orienteering

CNC milled light and shallow body

This is modern orienteering headlamp made for 21th century - headlamp with so high light output and yet in this compact size.

Headlamp body is CNC milled from aerospace alluminum alloy, sandblasted and anodized.

Massive cooling ribs means Lucifer L+ can shine on the highest 3500lm mode virtually for unlimited time. It is made at the same time as small and light as possible which brings great stability during move. More

Czech 3200lm mushing headlamp

Efficient electronics prolongs runtime

The L+ electronics are made entirely in-house from carefully chosen discrete components, all driven by an 8-bit Atmel microcontroller. The high quality components include X7R ceramic capacitors, very low resistance mosfets, a large shielded coil and precision thermistors and resistors - all ‘high reliability’ components, including the durable tactile switch, sealed and rated to 500,000 cycles.

The L+ headlamp uses CONSTANT CURRENT REGULATION so intensity in all modes is maintained as the battery discharges. When the battery is no longer able to deliver the current required by a chosen mode, the circuit simply switches to a lower one. The light never shuts down suddenly and shines without flicker (no PWM).

Our electronics monitor REMAINING BATTERY CHARGE and give 3 levels of warning, alerting the user to levels of battery discharge down to 33%, 10% or completely empty with 1, 2 or 3 blinks of the beam.

It also CHECKS THE TEMPERATURE and will reduce the mode in case of overheating. You can also easily find out REMAINING BATTERY CHARGE, the headlamp will notify you with 1-5 flashes. More

Ultra efficient orienteering headtorch Lucifer L+

Easy one button mode switching

The L+ headlamp offers 5 light modes and blinking mode. There is no ‘last mode’ memory - it’s unnecessary when all modes are available with a maximum of two clicks. The light turns on the same way every time and turns off with one long press.

EASY USER INTERFACE is easily understood. Modes can be changed with short clicks, cycling through LOW-MID-HIGH-BOOST-LOW etc.

ADVANCED USER INTERFACE allows fast switching between modes. Modes can be changed with short and long presses. A short click lowers the mode and cycles between low and mid mode. Long press switches to a higher mode. More

Extreme and real runtimes

Our headlamps have the longest real runtimes thanks to the latest Cree LEDs and high efficiency electronics.

5 modes with constant brightness control ensure high brightness from start to finish. More

Mode Lumens Runtime
2-cell. battery
4-cell. battery
Example of activities
VERY LOW 60 85:00 170:00 hiking, camping, walking, running
LOW 425 10:00 20:00 fast running, bicycle riding
MID 850 5:00 10:00 fast bicycle riding
HIGH 1800 2:00 4:00 mushing, orienteering run
BOOST 3500 0:50 1:40 downhill, mushing
4 XP-L2 emitters of our Lucifer L+ headlamp

Vivid true colors and perfect light distribution

The combination of two different wide light cones together with TIR optics guarantees illumination where you need it. In one moment, you have a high brightness and an overview of your surroundings. The beam of light is very smooth without distracting artefacts. More

Brilliant LEDs CREE XP-L2

We use high power CREE XP-L2 LEDs with a 4500K color temperature providing a pleasant neutral white color with excellent color spectrum. Thanks to the lower color temperature the light is able to better penetrate fog and rain, improving judgment of distances, differentiation of colors and identification of obstacles and detail in the environment.

The L+s LEDs and electronics are on a single, copper printed circuit board with a Direct Thermal Path that enables quick transfer of heat to the aluminum shell - the most effective LED cooling system available! More

4 Cree XP-L2 emitters of Lucifer L+ headlamp

Li-ion batteries with the highest capacity

These 18650 cells are first choice when it comes to high power headlamps. They have many advantages over common AA-sized batteries including low internal resistance, significantly better performance under high loads, very low self discharging, no memory effect and no need for cycling before prior to use.

We use only the best Samsung INR18650-35E cells with the highest actual capacity of 3450mAh. More

Batterypack of Lucifer L+ 3200lm headtorch
Tough cabeling of a headlamp Lucifer L+

High-current connectors and tough cables

The connectors are specified for currents up to 7A and ensure firm and reliable contact over the long-term. These connectors are injection molded in our workshop giving us full control over quality. Although they click together tightly (making accidental disconnection nearly impossible) they are easy to, even in difficult conditions when wearing gloves or in extreme cold.

Our grey PUR cables are special, they are tough, flexible to minus 30°C and very resistant to wear and weather. More

Standard L+ package

  • english user manual
  • battery pack - flat/square type based on selection
  • headlamp
  • 100cm extension cord
  • headband
  • wall charger 8.4V/1.5A (EU plug, 100-240V/50-60Hz)
  • transport fabrics sack
Lucifer L+ headlamp package

Different batterypacks for your needs

You can use 2-cell battery packs (light, training, comfortably worn on the head strap) or larger 4-cell ones.

4-cell provide long runtimes even on the highest mode and we offer them in several designs. Foil version is the lightest and smallest. Hard plastic version can handle falls, but it may not be necessary for sports. The rectangular batterypack is intended mainly for the bicycle - mounting on the frame. More

2-cells battery-pack 4-cells flat battery-pack 4-cells square rubber battery-pack
+ very comfortable for long time
+ lightweight
+ can be mounted on bike frame
+ can be mounted on (bike)helmet
- half runtimes
+ perfect for orienteering
+ lower weight and size than other 4-cells packs
- cannot be easily mounted on bike frame
- cannot be easily mounted on (bike)helmet
+ can be easily mounted on bike frame
- cannot be easily mounted on (bike)helmet

Guarantee and post-warranty service

Our warranty period is 4 years but we can provide ongoing repairs after this period. Because we manufacture all of our headlamps ourselves all parts are available and we can offer comprehensive support.

We make a great effort to satisfy our customers and to ensure minimal warranty repairs. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts and repairability for at least 10 years.

Lucifer headlamps international Warranty 4 years
Number of constant light modes 5
Special modes SOS, Blinking mode, Battery test mode
Max. Lumens 3500 lumens
Electronics constant light regulation
Maximum runtime 170 hours
Protection against overdischarge yes
Protection against reverse polarity no
Protection against overheating yes
Physical properties
Weight including 4-cell batterypack 375 grams

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