We would love to equip also your team with our Lucifer, czech made orienteering headlamps. We developed them for orienteering and we offer numerous advantages over other lamps.

You can test or purchase them in following ways. First is to order one test lamp with generous 50% discount, you cannot go wrong with this. If you feel your team need new equipement, write and agree on cooperation with our company bringing you many befefits including team discounts or extended warranty.

Have you got any idea or a thought? Write us! We are open to any other cooperation and welcome your feedback.


Order one lamp of your choice with huge 50% discount! Compare it with your current lamp and you will easily find that we make our headlamps better. 

Order by writing an email to We need to know your team details and shipping details including telephone and email address. We send you payment link (card payments or EUR transfer payment) and then ship testing lamp as soon as possible. 




- sending test headlamps for your testing - max. two models (M6+,L+,ULTRA) sent free of charge, can be shipped within few days, in case of cooperation signed these 2 lamps are free and remain to your club, if cooperation not signed these must be returned to us
- free of charge lamps to A-team - including 2 lamps sent for testing, can be shipped in 2-3 weeks
- team lamps volume discount - discount based on total number of lamps per order, each lamp = 1% discount, so e.g. 28 lamps means 28% discount, max. discount is 30% and is applicable to all lamps and spare batterypacks, can be shipped in 2-5 weeks
- extended warranty - 5-year warranty on everything (including battery) and a 10-year guarantee of availability of spare parts and post-warranty repairs
- any small customization you need, e.g. change of intensities, pairing with backup light


- team order placed for at least 10 lamps (not counting free lamps)
- featuring our name/logo somewhere on your club's website with a link to our website
- two Facebook posts about our cooperation
- tagging our Instagram account on photos taken during nighttime events
- one photo of teammembers with our lamps that we can use for marketing purposes
- teammembers should use our lamps during top races

Write an email to, we need to know your team details and shipping details including phone and email address. 



Thanks for your time and we are looking forward hearing you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Petr Dvořák, Luciferlights s.r.o.
Czech orienteering headlamps


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