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Li-Ion charger 4.2V, 0.5A

Li-Ion charger 4.2V, 0.5A

Product Code: NAB_4205
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Li-Ion charger 4.2V, 0.5A

Charger for our 18650 battery of Lucifer S headlamp. Max charging current 0.5A. Completely discharged battery will be fully charged after 8h. Has got indication LED with red (=charging) light or green (=charging completed) light.

Output connector - DC 5.5/2.1.

Input voltages 120-240V, 50-60Hz. EU plug.

Pay attention! First connect charger to the mains power and then connect batterypack to the charger. If you do differently, charger could shine green even its not fully charged!


This charger is compatible with:

Li-ion 18650 Keeppower 3450mAh, protected

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