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We ship all orders with Correos, shipping takes few working days. We usually ship 3-5 days after your payment received, but if needed (write to comment section) we can ship the same day.

Shipping price depends on total order weight. One M5+ headlamp package weights approx. 450 grams, one L headlamp package weights approx. 650gr.

Weight [grams]

0 - 1000

1000 - 2000

2000 - 5000

Prize [EUR]





We accept Paypal transfer or wire transfer to our EUR bank account.

International Warranty

Warranty on all headlamps is 3 years and applies worldwide, no matter your location. To apply for warranty repair we need you to return the goods to our address in Prague, Czech Republic (full address is in Contacts). Not in all situations, the goods must be returned, if e.g. your plastic hodler breaks, we normally just send you the new one without the need to return the broken one.

Currently we have very low number of warranty repairs - approx. 0.5%.

We also offer post-warranty service to all our products. 


Why to buy Lucifer headlamp?

Headlamp Lucifer M5 + We produce quality headlamps , which have all been developed and are always made locally in the Czech Republic with the best effort of engineering. Each part of the headlamp is optimized for optimal performance , reliability , small size and low weight . We strictly use the best Cree LED chips and Samsung Li-ion cells with the highest capacity. Thanks to that, our headlamps achieve high light output and long runtimes, making them the best option on the market.

Our headlamps feature 5 modes and many important features - constant brightness control , state of charge test, discharge warnings. You can choose between two user switching templates . Both have been developed so that all your modes are easily available. You do not have cycle through the off state or the strobe mode!

Our lamps benefit from the 3 year warranty applicable worldwide! We have many positive reviews and are in close contact with all our customers. You can be sure that you are buying a mature, well-designed product that will suit all your activities.

Every year, we make small improvements and bring new accessories. We never close any of our products line, we continue their production and further improve them.

Which model to choose?

LUCIFER S - A headlamp for runners, ultra-marathon runners and anyone looking for bright light who want to minimize their weight. The Lucifer S shines 750 lumens and uses 18650 interchangeable batteries.

LUCIFER M5 + - A very versatile headlamp with 1,650 lumens . Designed for mountain biking, orienteering, training and multisport. Best performance / size / price ratio - our best-selling headlamp.

LUCIFER L - This is an orienteering headlamp , still small but incredibly powerful. . Headlamp with a luminous output of 3,200 lumens, especially for orienteering, mushing and descent.

LUCIFER X - This headlamp is one of the most powerful in the world for. Incredible light output of 5000 lumens, ideal for orienteering racing, mushing and downhill mtb.


How to order?

Order on our eshop, choose your preffered currency (EUR) and complete the order. Please make sure your shipping address and phone number is correct and valid. You will shortly get an email summarizing your order along with details to money transfer. Then we inform you about receiving money and shipping your order. 

About us / Lucifer headlamps

Headlamp Lucifer founders Lucifer Headlamps are powerful LED lights specifically engineered for orienteering and similar outdoor sports and activities. Since 2014 we have manufactured these lights in our Prague workshop using mainly local or European components. Our three current headlamp models have proved popular with many now in use by competitors across a range of sports that include orienteering, mushing, rogaining, adventure and multi-sport racing and MTB orienteering.

Our mission

We are focused on creating very small, tough and light-weight headlamps designed and constructed to the highest possible standards, with the highest light outputs, longest possible runtimes, excellent ergonomics and ease of use, and with all the accessories and mounts you are likely to need.

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