Warranty and post-warranty repairs

Warranty and post-warranty repairs

From the last year we have 3-year warranty on all our headlamps. And it is an international warranty, so we handle any repairs of our headlamps all around the world. Fortunately, doesnt happen much.

We are very grateful to all our customers who bought our first M powerful headlamps, when we were not fully established and known, so we offer post-warranty repair of these headlamps with very good prizes (sometimes even free of charge). Following paragraphs show some recent repairs we have done.

Jerry and destroyed battery

Jerry, Irish setter of one our customers, destroyed our 23wh batterypack. This is photomontage. Dog wasnt injured, batterypack has got protection against shortcircuit. Just batteries and protection circuit survived, all other things was replaced.

We desoldered batteries from the original cable, put out of the case. Then we checked batteries visually and made voltage measurements. All was fine so we put batteries into the new case with new cable. It took some time but because it was funny story, cost of repair with including shipping was just 10 EUR.

One drop of water

This is one of the very first M5 headlamp we shipped in November 2017 in very extraordinary optics combination 20°+29°, probably as a working LED headlamp. Started to blink after turned on. Out of warranty.

My email to customer: “Hi, we send you repaired lamp tommorow. There happened to be one small drop of water that got into the headlamp and made corrosion of one smd resistor. We replaced this component and cleaned the whole electronics. Everything is working fine after repair. Also I tightened more cable grommet and glued more one of the optics, which could be two possible causes of that waterdrop.”

Headlamp repair including shipping is just 4 EUR. These two futher changes should make it not happen anymore. Its hard to find out where was the exact place where the moisture come through. All new headlamps (2018 and later) are tightened more.

The customer´s answer was very nice, he recommended this lamp to many his friends and all of them are very satisfied with its performance and wish our company great future.  

Batterypack repair

This is M3 headlamp bought in March 2016. Its not working now and long time out of warranty. Fast cross test revealed the problem in battery itself. I had the suspision of faulty PVC cable (old model) but It turned out one of battery got throufg cabel insulation and short-circuited to one output cable, discharged cell completely to 0V which means the cell is dead.

Two short comments. Battery design and inside positions changed long time ago, cable is better positioned and no way it could happen in newer batterypacks with grey cables. Even this short-circuit would just lead to safe discharge of battery as protection still prevents any dangerous situations.

We looked for how to do inexpensive repair of the battery so the customer wouldnt have to buy new one. We found one same 18650 battery in very good shape, balanced its charge and put them together and into new battery case with new grey cable. Just for the instance, we balance li-ion cells down to milivolts before.

So battery is now even better than before. Repair cost was 10 EUR. We also checked and serviced headlamp, although it was working and in good shape. It is free of charge service.

Few other funny stories

I personally managed to drive with my car over my phone so I know these stories really happen.

One older customer calling me that his L headlamp do not work properly, turns on only on the lowest mode. After short discussion I identified faulty charger which was probably faulty from the beginning. This customer used partly charged lamp for few months before he realized this problem and also won Czech orienteering Night Masters with it! From that time we check and try every charger before shipping.

One customer called me that he doesnt need anything but managed to drive over his headlamp with excavator (large heavy machinery) and all is working fine so we can write it on our website. Just the plastic headstrap part failed.

Jana, one our friend, described not so funny situation in 58 hour lasting adventure competition where you race nonstop, all nights. During one night canoeing stage, they accidently turned over and her racing colleague lost his lamp. After few minutes they found headlamp still shining in the river water and successfuly continued the race. Lost of one headlamp would be otherwise large complication in this kind of race.