New headlamp holders for Lucifer L

All customers who order Lucifer L headlamp with 4-cell battery receive new holders, wider headstraps and versatile softshell pouch for all battery sizes.

New front holders

New plastic holder accomodates wider 4cm headstrap which is more comfortable. Holder is more curved and headlamp can be tilted down much more than before.

New softshell pouch

Standard part of package for all Lucifer L orders with 4-cells battery. If you order Lucifer L with small 2-cell battery you receive standard plastic mount (like Lucifer M5+) instead.

Softshell pouch offers pleasent mount for all 4-cell batteries, flat or square one, and 2-cell battery. Flat battery is more comfortable than the square one.

We worked hard to prevent any wobbling of battery during running and I think its really minimal here. But we must mention, large 4-cell battery (total weight 228gr.) is really the maximum which can be worn on your head and some people may find it too heavy. Our headlamps makes good counterweight and wide headstrap makes the rest.

Middle over the head strap is not flexible, 4.8cm wide and minimize all the battery bouncing. At the back of pouch, there is reflection safety strap.

With this pouch you can have both 2-cell and 4-cell battery and switch them easily before each activity, e.g. use small one for training and  the large one for race.